Scavenger Hunt Answers

All the free entries for the Rare Game Giveaway Scavenger Hunt have been given away so we are posting the answers for all the clues.

STOP READING if you don't want the answers to the scavenger hunt.

********** SPOILERS **********************

Clue: Did I say 30 entries, I meant 30 lives

Answer: This is a reference to the Konami code. Enter the famous code on your keyboard:
up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, "Enter" (use the arrow keys for the directions)
This will take you to the next page.

Clue: lmth.lru-drawkcab/80/9002/moc.semagjj.yawaevig//:ptth

Answer: This url is backward. Reverse it and visit the url:

Clue: Next clue: (Where did it go? What could the source of this problem be?)
Blank Space

Answer: The key to this clue is the blank space below the clue and the word "source" in the clue. You need to look at the source code for this page. In your browser go to View > Source. Browse through the source code for "Where did it go". Right next to that is the next clue.

Clue: It would be a super weekend if you had me. What might the price at JJGames be?

Answer: You need to search JJGames.com for "super weekend". This will bring up the Starfox Super Weekend listing. On this page is the next clue.

Clue: Dvorak dyylSzzick.a,afvhhiam.ovjrmz2009z08zcnn[jrk.p[frgvdymn

Answer: Dvorak is a keyboard layout. Most computers use what is called QWERTY. This gibberish is a website url written using a Dvorak keyboard. You can search google for "dvorak converter" and it will bring up a website that will decode this for you.
The url is: http://giveaway.jjgames.com/2009/08/ill-cover-you.html

Clue: I'll Cover You

Answer: The clue is an image saying "I'll Cover You". And the answer is being covered by this image. View the source code again and you will see two images. One called "I'll-Cover-You.jpg", the other called "Being-Covered.jpg". View the "Being-Covered.jpg" image and it will have a url for you to visit.
The url is: http://giveaway.jjgames.com/2009/08/last-clue.html

Clue: 6 games IN 1 cartridge. There are Not a Myriad of options.
(The answer is in the clue. Find the item on JJGames. You know what to do.)

Answer: The keys to this clue were 6 in 1 and "not" a Myriad. There are two rare games called Myriad 6-in-1 and Caltron 6-in-1. The clue said "not" Myriad so you need to search JJGames.com for Caltron 6-in-1.
This page has a url listed on it:

You made it to the last page with details about the giveaway and instructions for getting the free entries.