Starfox Super Weekend

Starfox Super Weekend

Starfox Super Weekend Competition Cartridge

Value: $250

We're Giving Away: 1

Starfox Super Weekend is a rare special edition cart created for international Star Fox competition events hosted by Nintendo Power. The US event was held in 1993 on April 30th and May 2nd. At the original event top players could win a t-shirt, a jacket, or even trips to international destinations.

The game has a single gameplay mode with a five-minute time limit on a modified version of the first Corneria and Asteroid stages. Extra rings and other bonus systems were placed to add more challenge and scoring opportunities. The developers also added an exclusive bonus level. The altered start-up screen displays "Official Competition Cartridge".

Nintendo Power sold these cartridges for a limited time and only an estimated 2,000 cartridges were made. Star Fox Super Weekend sells for about $250.